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Sexual Desire Disorders

Sexual desire disorders have come up as one of the major sexual problems faced by most of the persons today; these kinds of disorders can be recognized of absence or lack of desire to have sex or libido lowering the fantasies of sex. The condition can also varies from simple lack of desire to have sexual pleasure or rather lacking of interests of having of sex with the current partner that you have been in relationship with. It usually starts after the normal sexual functioning; even sometimes it begins from no or low sexual desire earlier. There may possibly be of different causes which can be found in the factors such as fatigue, pregnancy and aging. Sometimes such kinds of problems may also cause because of too many medications such as SSRIs or it may be psychiatric by nature such a constant depression and anxiety.

If the cause happens because of medication of SSRIs, on discontinuing of it would help you to get back your sexual desire but it cannot be guaranteed, which means sometimes people cannot get back it; and in medical term it is said to be PSSD. In this case, therapists can be considered as reliable for solution for many.

Sexual arousal disorders are previously known as frigidity when it is found in women and impotence is a term given when it is found with men. Erectile dysfunction is another term of same concept and in the same way frigidity has also obtained of so many different kinds of specific terms with same meaning. It is all about finding oneself in a situation of aversion to, avoidance of sexual contact with the partner. Even when it comes to men then medically it is a complete failure of obtaining of full erection or lacking of excitement of sexual pleasure or any kind of sexual activity.

In women it can be found such disorders can be the result of lack of blood flow as well as lacking of lubrication in the vagina. Even sometimes if the relationship between the partners is not well, then individuals may experience such kinds of disorders. Erectile dysfunction which is known as impotence is a condition where the individual cannot develop or maintain the erection of his penis. Some of the common causes of it include damage to the nervierigentes which delays or prevents the penis from erection. Even individual with diabetes and lack of blood flow into the tissue of the penis would experience the same.

When it comes to solution, individual experiencing it because of psychological dysfunction can cure it easier than the one experiencing it due to physical factors. A couple of counseling would help the patient to overcome such kinds of erectile dysfunction.

The vaginal dryness causing insufficient lubrication in women leads to orgasm disorders. Some of the common causes of poor lubrication in women mainly are insufficient excitement as well as stimulation as well as hormonal changes which even are a result of menopause, breast-feeding and pregnancy. Sometimes the irritation causing due to the contraceptive creams as well as foams can be the major factors responsible for dryness.