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Infertility in Women

Infertility is the inability of a couple to achieve pregnancy leading to the birth of a child, after a year of having sex without planning methods.

Infertility is a couple problem and not a disease but a result of one or more diseases.
What is more surprising is that infertility in most couples suffering from infertility, all conventional tests that have undergone have been normal. And 20 causes of infertility are usually treated more than one or two, minimizing any chance of success, because usually coexist several causes of infertility.

Infertility is a common problem that is after a year of non-intercourse without conception through planning. Approximately 20% of couples are suffering from infertility, which could be cured in over 90% of cases if an appropriate diagnosis was made. However the lack of such a diagnosis prevents achieving pregnancy.
Generally originates infertility in both partners and not just one, so it is essential to study both men and women.

Sterility is the total inability to conceive. Approximately 1.5% of couples are infertile, which means that the only option is adoption.

Fertility is the ability to participate in the design of a pregnancy and depends on the age of the couple, frequency of intercourse and contraception (or family planning) employed.

Relationship between fertility and female age
The old woman has very close relationship with fertility being from 22 to 35 years age more likely to achieve normal pregnancies. However, the odds can be improved because the vast majority of infertile couples have some pathology that hinders fertility, and are included in this statistic. If such couples corrected those causes that although not prevent pregnancy if hamper fertility, statistics would be better. Additionally, in the standard population attempts to achieve pregnancy are reduced in younger women, and older women, in the first by general economic factors, and the second with by professionals factors. So if you want to achieve pregnancy and abnormalities that appear in the women practiced Infertility CMP-corrected, obviously the graphics give you more opportunities

Infertility and sterility in men is a consequence of a disease and not a disease in itself. But remember that it is a couple problem where there are problems in men as in women, which added results in the inability to achieve pregnancy and childbirth.

The vast majority of infertile couples has problems in men as in women.
There are many causes of male infertility and sterility, the most frequent in order of importance:
Seminal tract infection
testicular hypotrophy
Exaggerated testicular retractibility
Scrotal hypoplasia with high testicular location
Environmental factors professionals, iatrogenic
History of cryptorchidism
Seminal tract obstruction secondary
Diffuse or mixed hormonal alterations
renal failure
liver disorders
immunological factors
hematologic problems

There are other causes such as erectile difficulties and inadequate ejaculation, prostatectomy, multiple sclerosis, disorders of the hypothalamus, less recognized but that impede fertility in men. Very often coexist several of the above causes and find a cause not rule out the simultaneous presence of others. The deal will not solve single problem infertility

The most frequent cases of infertile couples are those in which there is a minor cause of male and female also cause minor, which together originate sterility. Therefore the ideal study should assess both men and women.
Treatment of infertility (infertility) male depends on the cause and can be as simple as receiving antibiotics and anti-inflammatory, or determine the causes of hypertension and antihypertensive correct to suspend affecting fertility. The most frequent causes of infertility are the simplest always correct and when diagnosed early, which is rarely done with conventional fertility studies. Detection of these common causes is achieved by examining broad range and high accuracy is the ideal the Syscan